The team from the DLR Institute for Solar Research is conducting research at the Évora Molten Salt Platform in Portugal, among other places.

Solar Thermal Power Plants
New CSP-ERANET projects launched with German participation

Globally connected research for continuously optimizing solar thermal power plant technology, that is the goal of the CSP-ERANET network.

Solar panels on rooftop.
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Trends and research developments in photovoltaics

Reports from the International Energy Agency's PVPS Photovoltaic programme address current trends and developments in photvoltaics.

A frequency converter for wind turbines lies on a table.
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Wind power
Reliable frequency converters for wind turbines

Humid weather is a risk factor for frequency converters. Field data analyses show pronounced seasonal failures of the electronic devices.

Several wind turbines on a yellow rape field under dark clouds.
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Wind power
Reliable data for weather radars around wind turbines

Wind turbines create data gaps in weather radar measurements. At RIWER, project partners develop suitable measurement and analysis procedures.

The photo shows the Tesis test facility in Cologne.

Solar thermal power plants
Reduce costs: Liquid salt storage with innovative storage material

In Newcline, researchers are demonstrating a liquid salt storage system with a single tank and heat-storing bricks in a large-scale research facility.

Charging station for electric vehicles in Jena.
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Regulatory sandboxes for the energy transition
Supplying cities with sustainable energy: Regulatory sandbox JenErgieReal launched

With JenErgieReal, researchers demonstrate in practice how cities can be sustainably supplied with power and heat.

Symbol photo: Solar eclipse
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Darkness during the day - Why photovoltaic researchers are concerned with solar eclipses

In addition to technology, photovoltaics must also take meteorological and astronomical events - such as solar eclipses - into account.

Symbolic photo: Sun shines on solar panels.
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Photovoltaic World Conference showcases current developments and progress in the industry

The World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC) took place in Milan in late September.

Joint ground-breaking ceremony of the project stakeholders for the start of construction of the residual biogas plant in Kirkel-Altstadt, Saarland.
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New solid biogas plant: decentralised and cost-effective

Following a successful planning application, the official start of construction of a solid biogas plant began on 30 September in Kirkel-Altstadt.