Project portraits - Research for the energy transition

Decorative picture
Kristian Bär

Geothermal energy
Heat from the substratum for Hesse

The investment costs are in the double-digit million range. New methods combine satellite, airborne and terrestrial data.

Cloud camera in the parabolic trough plant La Africana.
© German Aerospace Center DLR - CC-BY 3.0

Solar thermal power plants
Predicting solar radiation for the short term

Solar power plants can be operated more efficiently if the solar radiation is known precisely. 

SIT turbines (Schottel Instream Turbine) on a floating platform operating in Scotland

Hydropower and Marine Energy
Ocean currents – an energy source for the future

A floating platform with a modular turbine system uses the tidal current. 

A finished screen printing stencil is illuminated to print the fingers
© Hans Frintrup GmbH

Lots of low-cost solar power

Reduce production costs of solar cells by optimizing the screen printing process and the passivation of the cells. 

Maintenance work on the Alpha Ventus wind farm
© Areva Multibrid - Jan Oelker

Wind power
New maintenance concepts for offshore wind farms

New strategies for the operating phase and maintenance of wind farms significantly reduce costs. 

PROMETEO test facility at the Plataforma Solar de Almería

Solar thermal power plants
New high temperature oil successfully demonstrated at Plataforma Solar de Almería

New heat carrier, the silicone oil HELIOSOL 5A can be used in solar thermal power plants even at higher operating temperatures.

PV-diesel hybrid system supplies the 4000 inhabitants on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius.

Using PV electricity – saves costs for diesel fuel

In off-grid areas, PV electricity can supplement and, as far as possible, replace diesel generators

Test system for investigating high-temperature solid heat storage tanks (HOTREG)

Thermal power plants
Coal-fired power plant - fit for the future with thermal storage

Coal-fired power plants become more flexible through thermal storage systems - various concepts show how this systems can be integrated.

PV hyrid power plant combines photovoltaics with wind power and diesel generation.
© Belectric GmbH - Fotomontage

Electricity from photovoltaics stabilises power grids

Reliable power supply with a hybrid power plant that optimally combines photovoltaic and fossil power generation.