Project portraits - Research for the energy transition

The conversion of biogas into electricity offers a way to compensate for fluctuations in the supply of wind and solar power through adapted production. Research biogas plant of the German Biomass Research Centre
© DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum

Flexible electricity production from biogas

Technically improve the systems for gas storage and the measurement of the storage level in order to operate biogas plants flexibly and... 

Output configuration of the test rig. The tests are being carried out with a horizontally mounted drilling rig. The drive (red, in the middle of the picture) drives the drill pipe, which protrudes from the hall onto the test site.
© DSC, TU Clausthal

Geothermal Energy
Detecting and preventing vibrations in drilling systems

New drilling systems avoid vibrations and improve the drilling process for deep geothermal energy.

Octocopter, equipped with measuring electronics for on-site investigations

Wind power
Effect of wind farms on radar and navigation systems

New measurement methods provide information on the interactions between wind turbines and radar or air traffic navigation systems.

The Zellerfeld demonstration installation in Egling an der Paar in Bavaria
© InES / THI

Biogas ensures stable networks

Biogas plants can flexibly feed in power and heat and in this way compensate for fluctuations in the power and heating network.