12 March 2021

Project outlines in the funding area "Energy-efficient use of biogenic residual and waste materials" can be submitted until 1 September 2021.

A further submission deadline for 2021 has also already been set. Project outlines with a focus on system integration, sector coupling, digitisation and technology transfer can be submitted until Monday, 1 September, no later than 2 pm. Innovative and competitive project ideas are in demand.

Bioenergy can be stored, used flexibly and decentralised and therefore provides an ideal supplement to renewable energy sources such as sun and wind. In order to bring appropriate technologies to the market, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is promoting the further development of energy-energy-efficient biomass use.

Especially the high-quality energy-efficient utilisation of biogenic waste is to be promoted. Research focuses on efficient technologies for power and heat generation and their combined use through combined heat and power generation. Demonstration and pilot projects will additionally be supported. The support research on bioenergy provides detailed information on promoting the energy-efficient use of biomass.

Contact for  new project ideas

Lena Panning
Projektträger Jülich

+49 030 20199 3132