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Technical and economic project risks are lower where boreholes of geothermal wells are automatically monitored and controlled.

Exploitation of the geothermal source

The expansion of geothermal heating and cooling is an essential strategic objective for a future energy supply based on renewable sources and generated with a high level of energy efficiency. With more than half of all primary energy in Germany used for heat generation, geothermal heat could replace fossil fuels in the future. Furthermore, since the geothermal energy source is independent of location, it increases regional added value and boosts independence from fuel imports. The BMWK therefore promotes research projects in the field of geothermal energy ranging from the exploration of deposits and drilling to the construction and subsequent operation of the facilities. The aim is to enhance the geological knowledge of areas which are potentially suitable for geothermal use in order to minimise planning risks and further reduce energy production costs. In this context, the focus is on showcase projects in different hydrogeological conditions which implement innovative technological solutions with a high level of transferability.