The picture shows the e-truck.
© Fraunhofer ISE

11 November 2021
E-truck runs on solar energy from its own vehicle roof

Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics is a development field that is currently gaining further momentum. A team of scientists researching on-board charging of electric commercial vehicles has now demonstrated an electric truck with fully integrated photovoltaics.

The symbolic image shows a Siemens AG gas turbine.
© Siemens AG

05 November 2021
Operating innovative turbomachinery with hydrogen

In the InnoTurbinE project, a team of scientists is developing robust and efficient turbines that can also be operated with hydrogen. Digital twins provide support to optimise the efficiency under real conditions.


Research projects

The picture shows a rotor of a Siemens gas turbine.
© Siemens AG

Thermal power plants
Increasing gas turbine output through precise cooling

Scientists are working to further develop manufacturing technologies for gas turbines in order to meet the ever increasing demands...

Offshore wind park
© Jack Russel –

Wind power
Offshore wind turbines: New coatings protect against corrosion

New coatings for flanges of offshore wind turbines are to provide lasting protection against corrosion.

Outside view of the Pfalzwerke geothermal plant in Insheim
© Pfalzwerke geofuture GmbH

Geothermal energy
Avoiding standstill of geothermal plants

A new patented system with two parallel filter units filters fine particles and protects the heat exchanger and injection well.

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