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20 June 2023
Manufacturing tandem solar cells on an industrial scale

Tandem solar cells made of perovskite and silicon can already achieve efficiencies of over 30 per cent under laboratory conditions. Two recently launched projects are now working on scaling up perovskite-silicon tandem photovoltaics to an industrial scale.

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15 June 2023
How process heat or electricity can be produced without pollutants

A team of researchers is developing a steam generator to burn hydrogen and oxygen and generate electricity or heat without pollutants.


Research projects

ZSW researcher manufacturing perovskite solar cells

Environmentally friendly and efficient: thin-film solar cells in tandem

In the CAPITANO project, researchers have developed a tandem solar cell that combines two thin-film-based solar cell types (perovskite and CIGS).

Image caption: Scanning electron microscope image of a solar cell front contact with a triangular cross-sectional area, printed with LIDE-structured glass foil stencil.
© Lorenz et al., Proc. WCPEC-8, Mailand (2022)

New printing technologies for efficient silicon solar cells

The INNOMET project team has succeeded in printing fine-line contacts with a triangular cross-section on crystalline solar cells.

The Lausward steam turbine power plant in Düsseldorf at night.

Thermal power plants
Turbomachines indispensable even in a climate-neutral world

Away from fossil fuels towards hydrogen. The ECOFlexTurbo project provides support here by researching combustion systems and developing them.

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