PROMETEO parabolic trough test system on the Plataforma Solar of Almería during operation with HELISOL XA, owned and operated by Ciemat.

20 July 2021
Silicone oil as a heat transfer medium for parabolic trough plants

The recently launched Si-CO project seeks to develop a new parabolic trough collector for silicone oil-based heat transfer media. In addition, researchers are investigating how existing parabolic trough plants can be converted to this heat transfer medium.

Take a pioneering role throughout Europe: Together with the Helmholz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Siemens Energy is researching how supercritical CO2-powered turbines can save costs.
© Siemens Energy

13 July 2021
Turbo-charged with sCO2 turbines

In the Carbosola research project, teams of scientists develop turbines that run on supercritical carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is known as a harmful greenhouse gas. Supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2), on the other hand, can actually do the environment good - by being used as a heat transfer medium in power plant processes instead of steam.



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Research projects

ZEBRA and PERC+ solar cells in burn furnace
© ISC Konstanz

Manufacturing different types of solar cells on a single production line

Manufacturing several solar cell concepts on one line and also further developing PERC and ZEBRA cells for higher efficiency.

Solar power plant

Stabilising the power grid with photovoltaic power plants

In the future, solar power plants will be able to take on grid-friendly tasks by using specially tailored inverter technologies and system solutions.

Monitoring center
© Baker Hughes Company

Geothermal energy
Software system automatically monitors drilling process

A new integrative software system monitors and optimises the entire drilling process. It takes into account current measurements from the borehole.

The EnArgus information system provides more information on funding projects, energy and efficiency technologies and funding policy guidelines.


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