Plataforma Solar de Almería
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19 April 2022
Uniform REPA testing standards for solar thermal power plants

In parabolic trough plants, curved mirrors align themselves with the sun. This is made possible by flexible pipe connections. As yet, there are no uniform testing standards for the components. The team of scientists in the REPA research project is working on this.

The photo shows an industrial photovoltaic system with high-voltage transmission lines in the background.
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07 April 2022
Powerful inverters for photovoltaic systems

Teams of scientists from industry and research are developing and testing new semiconductors based on gallium nitride for the next generation of efficient and cost-effective photovoltaic inverters. They perform a final test of the developed components in a technology demonstrator.


Research projects

Offshore wind park
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Wind power
Offshore wind turbines: New coatings protect against corrosion

New coatings for flanges of offshore wind turbines are to provide lasting protection against corrosion.

Digester of the Gussenstadt biogas plant
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The role of bioenergy in the energy system

Bioenergy has a special role to play among renewable energy sources. To achieve this, it must be able to fit flexibly into a complex energy system.

Monitoring center
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Geothermal energy
Software system automatically monitors drilling process

A new integrative software system monitors and optimises the entire drilling process. It takes into account current measurements from the borehole.

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