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To further reduce energy production costs, geological knowledge of areas potentially suitable for geothermal use will be improved, thus minimizing planning risks.

Sites and environment

Research funding aims to enhance the geological knowledge of areas which are potentially suitable for geothermal use in order to minimise planning risks. This will further reduce energy production costs. Consequently, the geological database on geothermal uses in the electricity and heating areas is to be further expanded. Modelling and simulation of geothermal systems can also increase the reliability of forecasts. In this context, the focus is on processes and usage concepts investigating induced seismic activities during the construction and operation of geothermal plants.

To keep the environmental impact as low as possible, research on material use and recycling of produced geothermal fluids and residues is another important funding area.

On top of this, communication of the opportunities and risks associated with geothermal energy is to be enhanced in order to raise social acceptance of geothermal energy.