A look behind the scenes at the new test centre for micro gas turbines
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Thermal power plants
First test centre for micro gas turbines inaugurated

Micro gas turbines can provide decentralized power and heat in industrial plants or private households.

A cameraman films one of the protagonists of the film
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Geothermal energy
IEA-Film shows latest geothermal energy technologies

In "Energy for Tomorrow - Innovative Geothermal Technology" the International Energy Agency (IEA) presents innovative drilling technologies. 

Triple-junction solar cells made of III-V semiconductors and silicon have the potential to raise photovoltaics to a new level of efficiency.
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Solar thermal power plants
New record for multi-layer solar cells

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have developed multi-layer solar cells with an efficiency of 34.1 percent. 

The Jülich solar tower belonging to the German Aerospace Centre.
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Solar thermal power plants
10 years of research at Solar Tower Jülich

Unlike in commercially operated solar thermal power plants, electricity production at the Jülich solar tower is not the central concern.

Federal Minister Altmaier
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Putting the energy transition into practice

The winners of the “Living Labs for the Energy Transition” competition have been announced.

View of a Francis turbine for hydroelectric power plants
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Hydropower and marine energy
Stable grids thanks to hydropower

The demand for flexible hydropower to stabilize electricity grids is increasing worldwide. 

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Roadmap for providing system services with renewables in progress

Experts from the Renewable Energies and Electricity Networks research networks are now setting out in a research roadmap

With its 300 built-in sensors, the FVA nacelle at the Centre for Wind Power Drives (CWD) at RWTH Aachen University is used in numerous research projects.
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Wind power
Optimizing the drive train of a wind turbine

A "transparent" wind turbine nacelle with around 300 installed sensors formed the focus of the "FVA nacelle" research project. 

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Wind power
Experts call for more research and information on acceptance issues for wind turbines

Green electricity from wind power is politically desired. But the construction of wind turbines often encounters resistance on the ground.