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Turbomachines are needed to convert, store and transport energy.


Turbomachinery technology is a key element in the energy transition. For instance, turbines are needed to convert, store and transport renewable energy sources. They are central component of Power-to-X-to-Power technologies. Turbomachines are also an important component for the energy-efficient combined heat and power plants in a decentralised generation and distribution system. Furthermore, turbines in conventional power plants guarantee supply security, economic efficiency and grid stability during the conversion of the energy system.

Research focus on flexible gas power plants

The focus of research funding is on development work on turbomachines that help to make gas-fired power plants more flexible. New gas compositions and gaseous synthetic fuels need adapted turbines and operating processes. This requires the development of highly temperature-resistant materials for turbomachinery.

New fuel compositions must be investigated with regard to possible corrosion effects on the turbines. In general, the processes and systems as well as the lifetime of the entire plant and its components should be further optimised. Thermodynamic and aerodynamic advances make it possible to increase operating temperatures and improve cooling systems. In addition, the burner and combustion chamber will be further developed and ignition and flame stability improved.