The picture shows interested people with a tablet in their hands in front of hills.
© Stefan Kauling, Landplan OS GmbH

Wind power
Experience 3D simulation of wind farms on site

Thanks to augmented reality, residents will in future be able to see what planned wind turbines would look like on site.

Installation of a rotor blade at sea
© Sebastian Czerwon / Aljoscha Sander

Wind power
Start-up flucto serves niche in offshore installations

Knowing the right time windows to install offshore rotor blades at sea saves considerable costs. This is where the start-up flucto comes in.

The photo shows an ENERCON wind turbine on a hill.
© WRD GmbH - Tanja Stüttchen

Wind power
Tool simulates sound wave dispersion in complex terrain

Noise from technically flawless wind turbines changes to background noise from a distance of about 750 metres.

The cover image shows participants at the ground-breaking ceremony for the industrial test system for the production of solar fuels.
© Projektträger Jülich - Ilse Trautwein

Solar thermal power plants
Solar-produced fuel “Made in Jülich”

Construction of the world's first industrial test system for synthetic fuels produced with solar thermal heat begins in Jülich.

Aircraft flying over a wind turbine.
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Wind power
Research projects create space for additional wind power

The German government has decided to reduce the protection radius around air traffic control facilities from 15 to 7 kilometres.

The HiL-GridCoP test stand in the purpose-built hall
© Fraunhofer IWES - Frank Bauer

Wind power
Certification in the laboratory reduces costs

In future, the grid compatibility of wind turbines can be tested on the test stand within about three months.

The cover image shows the Mainz-Wiesbaden gas-fired power plant on the Rhine.
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Thermal power plants
New generation of turbines made of ceramics

Higher efficiencies with lower CO2 emissions: These are the expectations for turbine components made of 3D fibre-reinforced oxide ceramics.

The cover image shows the new perovskite cluster deposition plant

Perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells on the way from the laboratory to production

A cluster plant set up at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin enables perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells to be produced on industrial wafer sizes.

The cover image shows a wall of spotlights in the
© DLR, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Solar thermal power plants
Higher efficiency for solar thermal tower power plants

The team of scientists in the HiTRec3D research project used an innovative absorber to achieve up to 8 per cent higher efficiency than before.